Prioritising Content in 2016.

How to prioritise the information in your content?

Knowing whom you are writing for is essential for any digital marketing activity in 2016. Once you know the demographic and geographic data such as gender, income, and location of those you want to get hold of, you will be able to communicate with them with the appropriate way. Use the right language, voice, tone and style in a clear, explicit and coherent manner.

Keep it clear!

Don’t try to provide a long background, a long rationale of your content or much less a biography of the authors; these could be written in a separate webpage linked to your specific content.

Ivan Reyes- SEO Bournemouth- Tips for SEO 2016


Respond the answer

What is actually necessary is to inform your target audience the proposed answers instantly. Don’t expect you web visitors looking for those answers for so long! From the online visitors’ perspective, clicking or tapping away your site will be a more likely option rather than exploring your entire website. But wait. prioritising your content is essential to begin a positive optimisation.

Prioritising Content 2016

List your content

Create a list of must-have content for your site. It is basically the list of answers displayed at the first sign and categorised appropriately.

List answers such as:

  • What does your target audience want to know first?
  • How can you visually provide the answer to guide your web-visitor to it?
  • Should you add an infographic to it?
  • Is all this information essential?

Display your answers

Front pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, menus tabs, side tables, side columns, footers, sliders are only some ideas to display your answers. Try to be really specific in your content and don’t fall into the typical stereotypes such as ‘about us’, ‘the team’, ‘services’. On the contrary, make it easy to find exactly what your target audience would need to know.



How to answer questions in 2016?

Generating Digital Content in 2016

Showing the list of answers for the trendiest questions within your target market, presented in well-structured way, long enough anusing a visually appealing layout are the key facts for a defeating piece of content in the 2016 SEO WARS.

SEO Tips for Digital Content Generation 2016

It is very important to:

  • Research and do an extensive critical review as a stand-alone exercise, or as part of your research and preparation for the development of your content
  • Create purely original information, don’t duplicate anyone else’s content
  • Develop understandable content y a simple and clear way
  • Bear in mind Google’s semantic search techniques
  • Share your knowledge as much as you can
  • Leave your content readers formulate more questions
  • Provide valuable answers to those questions
  • Participate in topic-related communities
  • Use Heading Elements (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 & H6)
  • Add infographics and useful charts
  • Place the answers into a user-friendly and responsive layout
  • Keep them visible at all time (side bars, menus tabs and/or footers)

Let’s wrapping up!

By taking these tips into account you will affect your content’s optimisation positively, even when new algorithms are meant to rolled out this year. Content will still reign in the 2016 search engine optimisation; however it has to be done with a ‘mobile’ mind set.


SEO 2016

In a far, far away perfect SEO…

Ivan Reyes -SEO Bournemouth


“I sense great fear in you, Skywalker”. Count Dooku

They are many digital marketers, business owners, content creators and SEO specialist panicking about what will be the future of SEO in 2016, the core ranking algorithm update, the Phantom Update, the new New Penguin Algorithm Update or any big search algorithm changes.



Remember…Ivan Reyes - SEO Bournemouththe Force will be with you, always.” Obi Wan Kenobi

According to my latest research I believe that the key points for a successful SEO campaign in 2016 are based on:


SEO WARS- Admiral AckbaIt’s a trap!” – Admiral Ackbar

Black Hat SEO will not disappear in 2016, while Google operates on algorithms, many search engine optimisers and webmasters will find the way to trick those algorithm. However, certain black hat SEO practices will not be going anywhere for a long time in 2016. Therefore, setting a campaign based upon Black hat SEO techniques is a trap that might cost you time, money, authority and effort.



SEO WARS - SEO Tips 2016- Ivan Reyes SEO Bournemouth“You cannot hide forever, Luke.” Darth Vader.

Exposing your business’ achievements, articles, projects and awards on Social Media is very important for the good development of a SEO campaign for 2016, particularly Google Plus, which is a social network often overlooked by businesses and individual users.

Despite the lack of active users updating and checking Google+ on daily basis, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be really useful for increasing the findability, SEO and the searcher experience.

Moreover, Google Plus allows your blogs, articles, news and new webpages to get indexed quicker than waiting for Googlebot.

By using this important Google’s social media tool, Google will grant your business with the box on the right hand side in which Internet Users will find further information about your brand, location, pictures, reviews, offers and more. There is also very important to remember that Google+ is one of the synergic elements  that make together with YouTube channel, Google My Business and Google Webmaster tool the linking everything to your website.

Summarising this SEO WARS 2016 in simple words, Search Engine Optimisation should be focussed on content management, usability, Social media activities starting by Google+, and considering mobile devices as the lighthouse to guide your efforts.

…to be continue

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