January 8, 2016 Ivan Reyes

Prioritising Content in 2016.

How to prioritise the information in your content?

Knowing whom you are writing for is essential for any digital marketing activity in 2016. Once you know the demographic and geographic data such as gender, income, and location of those you want to get hold of, you will be able to communicate with them with the appropriate way. Use the right language, voice, tone and style in a clear, explicit and coherent manner.

Keep it clear!

Don’t try to provide a long background, a long rationale of your content or much less a biography of the authors; these could be written in a separate webpage linked to your specific content.

Ivan Reyes- SEO Bournemouth- Tips for SEO 2016


Respond the answer

What is actually necessary is to inform your target audience the proposed answers instantly. Don’t expect you web visitors looking for those answers for so long! From the online visitors’ perspective, clicking or tapping away your site will be a more likely option rather than exploring your entire website. But wait. prioritising your content is essential to begin a positive optimisation.

Prioritising Content 2016

List your content

Create a list of must-have content for your site. It is basically the list of answers displayed at the first sign and categorised appropriately.

List answers such as:

  • What does your target audience want to know first?
  • How can you visually provide the answer to guide your web-visitor to it?
  • Should you add an infographic to it?
  • Is all this information essential?

Display your answers

Front pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, menus tabs, side tables, side columns, footers, sliders are only some ideas to display your answers. Try to be really specific in your content and don’t fall into the typical stereotypes such as ‘about us’, ‘the team’, ‘services’. On the contrary, make it easy to find exactly what your target audience would need to know.



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