Twitter for Business

How Could you be Using Twitter Better?

Almost every contemporary business is aware of why they should be using social media. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus provide even the most budget squeezed businesses with the opportunity to reach thousands, if not millions of new customers.

The only problem? Many events industry professionals especially, still aren’t using platforms such as Twitter to their full potential.

In part, the above is due to a certain ‘posting is enough mentality.’ A mindset where businesses believe that simply posting to Twitter is enough to acquire and maintain a high number of followers. Rarely, however, are such followers funneled into becoming qualifying new sales leads and conversions.

Tips for Twitter by Ivan Reyes - Bournemouth

Why Twitter is Brilliant for Events

The good news is that it’s easy to start using Twitter more effectively. Twitter, after all, is all about events. Even better, people love being part of the buzz surrounding everything from a new product launch to the next big celebrity wedding.

The key is to use Twitter to search out people most likely to be interested in your next event. If you can find users who have recently attended an event similar to yours, reach out to them and let them and promote yours.

Create a real buzz by Recruiting new Talent on Twitter

Another great way to use Twitter is to directly reach out to other industry professionals. Whether scouting for new talent or advertising new positions vacant, Twitter can put you in touch with the talent you need; this and help raise phenomenal awareness in regard to the events which you’re currently working on.

That said, where Twitter really holds its own is where market research is concerned. By their very nature, Tweets are all about celebrating what’s hot and what’s not at any one moment. This being the case, your company can use Twitter to keep an eye on emerging industry trends. At the same time, you can use Twitter to directly ask your followers for their opinions on new product and service ideas.

Marketing & Managing your Event

Of course, if you are in the events industry, your primary focus should always be on using Twitter to promote whatever project you’re currently working on. Moreover, Twitter’s own advertising program helps businesses do this by targeting specific Twitter users in specific geographic areas.

However, Twitter isn’t just great for targeted promotions. Rather, because increasing amounts of people now use Twitter to directly reach out to businesses, you also use Twitter to directly manage customer inquiries, complaints, and suggestions.

Taking your next Event to the Press

Are you hosting or helping organise the event of the year in your area? If so, you will already know that any serious marketing initiative needs to go hand in hand with some serious press interest. However, thanks to Twitter, you don’t need to simply hope that your next press release gets picked up by local journalists and bloggers. Instead, you can use Twitter to take your event details, marketing, and branding directly to such people.

Is HTTPS Something You Should Be Worrying About?

To be , or not to be HTTPS, that is the question

In August 2014, Google confirmed it in a very roundabout way. Websites using HTTPS over HTTP will receive a very marginal ranking boost. The only problem? This ranking boost really is marginal. Tiny in fact.


However, a subsequent poll conducted by the search engine optimisation people at Moz found that 24% of webmasters were thinking about making the switch to HTTPS anyway. The reason? It’s simple. While Google might be content with just nudging websites toward using HTTPS at the moment, it’s widely accepted that in the future Google will probably start to penalise websites which don’t make the change.


However, to understand why Google wants websites to start using HTTPS, it’s important to understand the differences between the two protocols. At its most basic, the difference lies with SSL encryption. HTTP is simply a protocol, (a hypertext transfer protocol to be more specific) which while making sure that information gets from A to B on the Internet, doesn’t actually care how information makes that journey.

HTTP is insecure. This is why e-commerce websites should already be using HTTPS as standard anyway.

SSL encryption and signed certificates mean that when data arrives in your web browser, the origin of that data can be immediately verified (or not) as coming from where it says it has.

HTTPS for SEO -Ivan Reyes -Bournemouth

So Why Isn’t HTTPS The Standard Already?

The above being the case, most people would naturally assume that the Internet should have switched to HTTPS as standard a long time ago. However, migrating bigger websites to HTTPS can be a headache for webmasters, particularly when it comes to setting up 2048-bit key certificates and certificate signing requests on servers.

All this being the case, many websites simply haven’t bothered to make the change from HTTP.

Should You Switch To HTTPS?

The only problem? Google isn’t trying to nudge webmasters into using HTTPS, just because doing so is more secure. HTTPS makes it easier to track and analyse traffic between websites. In short, Google wants more websites to use HTTPS as standard so that it can provide people with more accurate search data.

When it comes then, to whether or not your website should make the move to HTTPS, the answer is yes. Just don’t worry about having to do so overnight.

What you are probably going to worry about, though, is the cost and work involved. SSL certificates themselves can cost between £0 – £400, depending on whether you want to use standard, or extended security validation. Added to this, you are going to have to check that any CND service which you are using actually supports HTTPS.

Then there is the physical labour involved. Every link in your website will have to be changed to HTTPS, including links to images, javascript, CSS, you name it.

However, when it comes to the crunch, HTTPS is likely going to the standard one day. In this case, migrating from HTTP now should perhaps be considered as something which is going to save you a lot of time, stress and perhaps even financial hassle in the future.

What is Robots.txt?

Understanding Robots.txt

Are you using robots.txt? If you are a novice website developer, you are likely already perplexed by how sci-fi the Internet sounds, what with virtual spiders crawling everywhere. In short though, a robots.txt file is very easy to understand. You see, all it is a simple text file, which tells the virtual robots which search engines send out to analyses your site, where they have permission to go and as such what information to index and send back to search engines like Google.

what is robots.txt?But wait. Don’t website owners want search engines to analyse and index every available page on their website? Well, no, not all the time. Maybe for instance, you are testing out a new page layout and in doing so currently have two or more pages on your site with very similar content. This can be a problem because search engines don’t like duplicate content and will usually rank a website lower in search results for just this reason.

On the other hand, maybe you have a killer website upon which all your content is search engine optimised in a way that already identifies you in search result terms. As an aside then, you might have a forum where posts are not search engine optimised and actually bare very little relevance to your websites chief objective. In this case, you would use your robots.txt file to tell visiting spiders from Google and the like, not to bother reading through or indexing the pages in question.

Where Is Your Robots.txt File & How Do You Modify It?

Usually you will find your websites robots.txt file in the root directory of your domain, or in the case of websites build using WordPress, in the root directory of your WordPress installation. In the case of WordPress then, robots.txt files are very easy to modify by using dedicated SEO plugins. Alternatively, you will be able to find and manage your websites robots.txt file directly through your servers C Panel or equivalent, using a plain text editor such as NotePad in Windows, or Gedit in Linux.

For novice web developers, it’s probably a good idea to use a dedicated plugin to modify your robots.txt file. However, if you are editing your robots.txt file manually, you will simply need to identify specific search engine robots such as ‘Googlebot’ or ‘Bingbot’ (or use an asterix to idetify all) and type ‘Allow’ or ‘Disallow’ next to each of the pages which you want such robots to index or not.

Whatever you do though, always act with caution. An incorrectly edited robots.txt file can actually hide your entire website from search engine robots, leading to a disaster in terms of SEO. In this case, always make a backup of your original file and if in doubt, use Google’s robots.txt tool to make sure your website is correctly configured after editing.

How do Search Engines Work?

A Quick 101 In Understanding How Search Engines Work

The Internet is often just as puzzling as it is useful. After all, very few people actually know how exactly the Internet itself works, never mind how search engines like Google work. However, if you are a business or engaged in any kind of commercial endeavour on the Internet, a basic grasp of how search engines work is essential.

Imagine for example, that you have a shop on a street in the real world. Now imagine that every single one of your potential customers walking up and down theA Quick 101 In Understanding How Search Engines Work street outside is deaf dumb and blind. In this case, you can go outside and shout about your next big deals and discounts, but no one is going to hear you. Likewise, you can dress your shop-front up as eye catching as possible, but no one is ever actually going to see it. How then, are people ever going to find out about all the great things you do?

Sound surreal? Well, when you have a website, this is a pretty good analogy for how the Internet works. You see, when people search for products and services, they don’t magically land on your website and start checking out what you can do. Rather, people depend on search engines to tell them where to visit.

What A Search Engine Actually Is

In fact, a search engine is quite a lot like a guide dog. All day everyday, virtual robots called spiders which are the eyes and ears of search engines, are What A Search Engine Actually Is busy visiting every website in the whole wide world. Learning every thing they can about every website they visit, this information is thenstored and indexed in something which Google calls a ‘knowledge vault.’ At the same time, search engines like Google then constantly attempt to match the query’s which people type into search boxes, with the information in their respective knowledge vaults.

Lets say for example, that you sell chickens which lay gold eggs and have a website all about them and how much you are willing to sell them for. In this case, when someone makes a web search for something like, “where can I buy chickens which lay golden eggs?” Google doesn’t direct them to the website of an accident and injury lawyer. Rather, Google directs that person to your website.


Sound simple? Well, things actually get a little bit more complicated. You see, websites have to make sure that Googles spiders can see what they are about. In this case, if you want to get traffic to your site, you need to use keywords in your meta tags and text, ones which match the search terms which people you want to visit your website usually type into Google. In the case above, this would therefore be something like “golden egg laying chickens.” But what if there are several people selling golden egg laying chickens on the Internet?

In the later case, Google would get confused, but not if you provide more information for the spiders to read on your page, information such as your specific location and pricing etc. More importantly though, Google is a business itself and as such it tries to only direct people to websites which it can see have genuinely relevant and engaging content. In this case, Google and other search engines monitor things like how long people visit your website for and what they do there. In fact, search engines even measure how long your website takes to load and will rank sites lower in search results in response to poor load times.

But wait, it gets worse. Search engines also look at how many people have linked back to your website from another one in the past. ‘Backlinks’ after all, tell search engines like Google, that people seem to find your website interesting enough to recommenced to other people. At the same time, search engines like to see websites being regularly updated and inviting users to connect with them using social media.

The Perils of SEO

Does it all sound too much already. Well, the main thing is not to try and cheat. A lot of people for example, attempt to get to the top spot on Google and other search engines, by buying backlinks in their 10’s and 100’s, and/or by posting material on websites so full of keywords that to a human visitor such content rarely makes sense. This is known as ‘Black Hat SEO’.

The Perils of SEO Do such tactics work? Yes, but only in the short term. As soon after all as a search engine realises what you are doing, it will rank your website lower rather than higher in search results. Also, never try and rush the launch of a website. Sites with poor coding, sites which don’t display accurately on mobile devices and sites which offer in general poor visitor experiences, will never make it anywhere near the first page of Google.

Prioritising Content in 2016.

How to prioritise the information in your content?

Knowing whom you are writing for is essential for any digital marketing activity in 2016. Once you know the demographic and geographic data such as gender, income, and location of those you want to get hold of, you will be able to communicate with them with the appropriate way. Use the right language, voice, tone and style in a clear, explicit and coherent manner.

Keep it clear!

Don’t try to provide a long background, a long rationale of your content or much less a biography of the authors; these could be written in a separate webpage linked to your specific content.

Ivan Reyes- SEO Bournemouth- Tips for SEO 2016


Respond the answer

What is actually necessary is to inform your target audience the proposed answers instantly. Don’t expect you web visitors looking for those answers for so long! From the online visitors’ perspective, clicking or tapping away your site will be a more likely option rather than exploring your entire website. But wait. prioritising your content is essential to begin a positive optimisation.

Prioritising Content 2016

List your content

Create a list of must-have content for your site. It is basically the list of answers displayed at the first sign and categorised appropriately.

List answers such as:

  • What does your target audience want to know first?
  • How can you visually provide the answer to guide your web-visitor to it?
  • Should you add an infographic to it?
  • Is all this information essential?

Display your answers

Front pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, menus tabs, side tables, side columns, footers, sliders are only some ideas to display your answers. Try to be really specific in your content and don’t fall into the typical stereotypes such as ‘about us’, ‘the team’, ‘services’. On the contrary, make it easy to find exactly what your target audience would need to know.



How to answer questions in 2016?

Generating Digital Content in 2016

Showing the list of answers for the trendiest questions within your target market, presented in well-structured way, long enough anusing a visually appealing layout are the key facts for a defeating piece of content in the 2016 SEO WARS.

SEO Tips for Digital Content Generation 2016

It is very important to:

  • Research and do an extensive critical review as a stand-alone exercise, or as part of your research and preparation for the development of your content
  • Create purely original information, don’t duplicate anyone else’s content
  • Develop understandable content y a simple and clear way
  • Bear in mind Google’s semantic search techniques
  • Share your knowledge as much as you can
  • Leave your content readers formulate more questions
  • Provide valuable answers to those questions
  • Participate in topic-related communities
  • Use Heading Elements (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 & H6)
  • Add infographics and useful charts
  • Place the answers into a user-friendly and responsive layout
  • Keep them visible at all time (side bars, menus tabs and/or footers)

Let’s wrapping up!

By taking these tips into account you will affect your content’s optimisation positively, even when new algorithms are meant to rolled out this year. Content will still reign in the 2016 search engine optimisation; however it has to be done with a ‘mobile’ mind set.

2016 Content Strategy

How to plan a content marketing strategy for 2016?

I’ve narrowed down the direction content marketers should take when planning their 2016 content strategy in only three words: Design, Trends and Interaction.

Content design:

Mobile-friendly Content 2016 - Ivan Reyes SEO Bournemouth

Mobile-friendly website 

Responsive & mobile-friendly content is a primordial objective you should bear in mind when designing your content strategy. Your content should be findable, usable for users and responsive to all the mobile technology available in the market.


The content design should be focussed in the content organisation, categorisation and patterns to ensure it being fast, clean and concise. It is essential to maintain an optimum experience everywhere and answer questions quickly to your Internet visitors without make them feel trapped in a useless labyrinth of endless clicks or forcing registration forms.


Content Trends:

Your content should answer questions in the air. Being trendy is not luxury; it is what will make your content to meet your dynamic and variable on-line audience. It is pointless to produce content that’s not being read by those who represent your market.

By knowing the content trends in 2016, what the people is talking about, what is new out there, you will know where to focus your efforts and be the first in answering those queries. There is a myriad of content readers desperate for quick, relevant and clear answers every single second. They need to know what is going on around them, understand the breaking news, the new products, the latest changes that affect their life; and they don’t have much time to waste.


In 2016 Internet readers are looking for taking the two-way conversation advantage digital content has instead of searching in printed content, billboards or television. Therefore, integrating your content strategy with your social media platform is extremely necessary and will be increasingly demanded by Internet readers and buyers this year.


SEO 2016

In a far, far away perfect SEO…

Ivan Reyes -SEO Bournemouth


“I sense great fear in you, Skywalker”. Count Dooku

They are many digital marketers, business owners, content creators and SEO specialist panicking about what will be the future of SEO in 2016, the core ranking algorithm update, the Phantom Update, the new New Penguin Algorithm Update or any big search algorithm changes.



Remember…Ivan Reyes - SEO Bournemouththe Force will be with you, always.” Obi Wan Kenobi

According to my latest research I believe that the key points for a successful SEO campaign in 2016 are based on:


SEO WARS- Admiral AckbaIt’s a trap!” – Admiral Ackbar

Black Hat SEO will not disappear in 2016, while Google operates on algorithms, many search engine optimisers and webmasters will find the way to trick those algorithm. However, certain black hat SEO practices will not be going anywhere for a long time in 2016. Therefore, setting a campaign based upon Black hat SEO techniques is a trap that might cost you time, money, authority and effort.



SEO WARS - SEO Tips 2016- Ivan Reyes SEO Bournemouth“You cannot hide forever, Luke.” Darth Vader.

Exposing your business’ achievements, articles, projects and awards on Social Media is very important for the good development of a SEO campaign for 2016, particularly Google Plus, which is a social network often overlooked by businesses and individual users.

Despite the lack of active users updating and checking Google+ on daily basis, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be really useful for increasing the findability, SEO and the searcher experience.

Moreover, Google Plus allows your blogs, articles, news and new webpages to get indexed quicker than waiting for Googlebot.

By using this important Google’s social media tool, Google will grant your business with the box on the right hand side in which Internet Users will find further information about your brand, location, pictures, reviews, offers and more. There is also very important to remember that Google+ is one of the synergic elements  that make together with YouTube channel, Google My Business and Google Webmaster tool the linking everything to your website.

Summarising this SEO WARS 2016 in simple words, Search Engine Optimisation should be focussed on content management, usability, Social media activities starting by Google+, and considering mobile devices as the lighthouse to guide your efforts.

…to be continue

Star Wars Character’s Images Source : 2015 © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd & Disney.

Twitter is looking over your mobile apps.

Twitter | New Feature

Twitter is now putting its nose around what you actually got installed in your mobile. The blue bird is now collecting information about the other apps installed in your phone. The  gathered  data is currently being used to customise Twitter content according to your interest.

However, the information contained in each application remains safe as it is not taken by the social media app.

You will soon experience a much more bespoke application in the way Twitter will suggest you ‘who to follow’ as well as the content in you ‘timeline’ and ‘promotions’ that will seek to match your interest.

This new feature will be notified to you by a message requesting your approval to be installed; otherwise, you can manually ensure that Twitter is not taking this data by turning off the option of using your private information on the setting of your mobile. Alternatively applications such as Tweetboot or Talon could help to avoid this happen.

Google Panda 4.0 When Doing the Right Things bring power

Google Algorithm, Panda 4.0 has just been rolled out. The projected impact of this new algorithm update was about 7.5% for the English search queries.This algorithm is looking for punishing low-quality content websites. Ivan Reyes explains here how to write engaging content.

Read more

YouTube| Is it really important?

The second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube is transforming the way the world consumes news and information and the most successful companies are discovering how to use it to great effect and reach potential customers.

YouTube is  the second largest search engine and the fastest growing video sharing website in the world. It processes 3 billion searches a month and is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. These statistics demonstrate the power and influence that YouTube has to reach a large a varied audience; however, what other benefits does YouTube have?

Why YouTube?

  • Low cost – it’s completely free to host your corporate videos on YouTube.
  • Searchable –  as the second largest search engine in the world YouTube is the best place to host your. videos. Just make sure to title and tag them correctly so they are more visible to searches.
  • Increase brand awareness and maintain loyalty – telling the story of your organisation through video is a great way of communicating your brand values and connecting directly with potential and existing customers.
  • Informing – rather than just using advertising, videos can be used to engage with your customers in other ways. For example on exhibiting the benefits of hiring a venue for conferences, how spacious the facilities are, the level of service provided, the venue location and surrounding areas are a great way of engaging with your customers on a deeper level.
  • Thought leaders – if you want to position your company as thought leaders in your industry then sharing videos on presentations, panel discussions, conferences and brain-storming sessions are a great way of securing that position.
  • Conversion – videos are a good way of converting a casual video viewer into a client. Use the video description text to link to a specific page on your company’s website and extend the customer journey.
  • Measureable – free and easy to use, YouTube’s analytic tools show the number of views, demographics and the trail.
  • Feedback – use the videos to get real-time feedback. Whether you share videos about your products, services or the company culture you have opened the discussion and your customers will tell you what they think. Open dialogue is a good way of building trust whilst helping you to make positive changes look after your customers and build your business.

All in all, YouTube is not only the second largest search engine on earth, it is also the most popular video-sharing website and a very powerful and popular  social media website.

YouTube  can help you to  meet targeted audience that you might not meet anywhere else.

By using YouTube to promote organic traffic to your website, you will have the chance to approach your market and listen what  they have to say  on the comments section.

How To Write a Blog?

Fancy writing

First of all, defining your target audience is essential. That allows you to know to whom you will write to. Once you have your target audience clear, focus on it by searching the best way to reach the majority of individuals from that particular group.

For example, if you are trying to write your personal review about a particular car you should be present in the most popular motor-trade forums, online motor magazines, motor fan clubs or related social media, linking your blog to other related sites, etc.

However, if the vehicle is, for example, a seven seater family car, you should also have to forward your message to family forums, parental-advice websites, family related blogs, parents’ recommendations, and so on.


In order to communicate what you want to say, make it simple! A message has to be written thinking in your target audience and make it:

  • Interesting and engaging,
  • Simple (avoid using technical jargons or complicated words),
  • Memorable,
  • Challenging: Ask questions, make your target think,
  • Creative,
  • Not at all ponderous or pompous,
  • Consistent: the same message across all media.


If you want more suggestions, take these recommendations as a rough idea of how to get across your message online:

  • Make an easy-to-remember title,
  • Use simple words (avoid or explain technical words),
  • Use illustrations, charts, and graphics,
  • Create catchy stories,
  • Use light colours and easy-reading font styles,
  • Bear in mind the (Ux) User Experience (the way your web-visitors will navigate through your site),
  • Let your readers comment on your message,
  • Produce a short video clip about your message,
  • Use all media possible.

Customer Service & CRM

CRM, an effective way of getting closer.

This time I won’t talk to you about social media and its effectiveness to get closer to your target market; this time, I will suggest an older but far more holistic approach that will feed you with a better understanding of your target market and entail all aspects of interaction with customers.

I would suggest having or using; if you already have it; a CRMCustomer Relationship Management – system.

CRM, not only describe a business-customer relationship, it is also a magnificent way to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads.

Advantages of having an updated CRM in place

By having one fully updated CRM, you will be able to know the:

  • Status, purchasing figures and frequency of your existing customers.
  • Effectiveness of your existing suppliers
  • Right time to apply Pareto’s principle; if applicable.

Customer relationship management can be synthetised easily by applications, software, mobile applications and solutions. This are capable of providing you with the ability to build an efficient customer business data, that will help you to improve the way of providing services or products that your customers want. It will deliver better customer service, cross-selling and up selling more effectively, closing deals, retaining existing customers and understanding better who your customers are.

So, keep you friends close, but your customers closer!

User Experience – UX

User Experience

Use your imagination by improving the user experience of your website:

By ensuring that the basic functionality of your site meets your online objectives you can differentiate the user experience of your website in a positive way. One good exercise is to create an imaginary persona.

As many kids have an imaginary friend, you can create a persona of your website’s core demographic target, this will help you to be able to think from your user’s perspective.

By sure, your imaginary persona will be different to your competitor’s idea of their users. However, you should be careful to do not stereotype this imaginary side.

Tips to improve the UX on your website:

Other tips I may advice you to look after are:

  • Appearance, the first impression counts! Make your website trustworthy, attractive, different and nice from the user perspective, and do never forget to keep your brand lines in every single part of your web design.
  • Navigation, browsing and accessibility are required. Keep the core webpages and the most profitable ones permanently on the eyes of your users, and accessible from every page within your website. Do not forget to portrait the checkout link to make users goes easily to know where they should progress on.
  • Customisation, make your website as personalised as possible, make users feel that your website has been dedicated and bespoken for them.
  • Direction and path to navigate on your website is also very important. This means that if your website will be scrollable, you should make it clear, if it will be scrollable vertically or horizontally, by showing arrows that indicate the way it will be. However, it is highly recommendable to keep main webpages listed at a visible top menu at all times.
  • Consistency and familiarity are key points that you should keep in mind at all times, although keeping your authenticity and your originality is important, try to adhere to the general industry standard; logo at the top corner; contact page visible; content in the middle, etc. This will make your website easy to navigate on and will make your users feel comfortable.
  • Mind also your jargon, even if you want to be original or create your branded words, make your website understandable by anyone.
  • Compatibility with other devices, also called responsiveness should be thought about even before designing or revamping your website. Refrain from using programming languages or multimedia tools that are not compatible with every mobile or fixed device.

Differenciation Strategy

Market Segmentation


You can compete in every market, even if there are big players; with a massive positioning, unbeatable offers, and resources surrounding you. However, it is important to be different than the rest of your competitors.

I am here to provide you with an idea of how you can become unique and achieve your target market. My first recommendation would be market research.

In this case, I recommend researching what your target market aspires to. It is very important to know clearly which are their affinities, their values, aspirations, and social interests. Afterwards, a deep analysis about your brand positioning and a list of your advantages against your competitors should be made.

From that moment, you can start drawing an emotional bond by matching your brand values with the target market’s unsatisfied expectations. Some of these values could be the:

• environment,
• social responsiveness,
• exclusivity,
• career ambition,
• location,
• security,
• family orientation,
• style – and more.

User Experience

 Also, by providing a unique customer experience you can differentiate yourself from another similar products and services available in the same market. Good examples of beating your competitors are:

• speed,
• liability,
• commitment,
• easiness,
• response,
• and availability.

Customer Service

The key metric to gauge success with your differentiation strategy depends on your ability to meet and overpass all your users’ expectations and your user’s ability to talk boastfully about the superb experience.

Don’t forget that differentiation is only possible if you are sure to make your brand more attractive, by contrasting your unique qualities with other competitors and make a clear message of your advantages.

Social Media Sites – Trends

Social Trends

In social media vocabulary, a ‘Trend’ is the hottest emerging topic of discussion that is concerning mostly to the local majority of followers.

In Twitter for instance, trends are determined by an algorithm and bespoken to the people you follow according to your geographical location.

Twitter trends are about the topics that immediately popular and not those, which have been popular for a while or on a daily basis.

Hash tags

In Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites you can use the ‘hash tag’ (#) before a phrase or word. By doing so, you will transform the word into a keyword can be used to organise messages on a social network. This then facilitates the searching and grouping of messages with given hashtags.

Facebook has recently inserted the use of Hash tags into their platform.  This represents a significant step towards business in real time.

Another advantage of this tool is the fact of allowing networking users to make their thoughts to become viral without the help of friends. In other words, thanks to hash tags, not only your friends will see your posts and Facebook status, but very likely thousands or millions of others with do so too.

Trend Hunter’s Tools

Some of the tools you can use to research latest trends are:

In my [not so] humble opinion, If you want to drive more traffic to your website, create or enhance brand awareness, don’t take trends for granted. On the contrary, use them to avoid finding yourself swimming against the tide of the public interest and to take advantage of the people’s curiosity to be known.

How to Rank First on the Search Engines Result Page?

Sites – Website Checker

Unless you or your organisation’s website is among the top of search engine results, no one will know your page exists. Therefore, your idea, products and brand will become invisible for your target market. It is important to comply with this ‘Website Checker’ to succeed in the basic optimisation of your sites.

Best Websites – Basic Requirements

If you want to comply with all the minimum SEO requirements to have one of the best Websites in your industry, I recommend that you:

  • Define clearly your business mission and vision.
  • Research your target market. Who is or could be interested in your product, service or idea, either demographically or geographically.
  • Create a high standard public image related to your business objectives, your product and target market.
  • Be consistent; don’t use different logos, colours, names, domains, slogans, images or copywriting style. You must keep only one public face throughout your whole use of the media.
  • Become findable and attractive for the search engines through the organic way, also called SEOSearch Engine Optimisation. Plan a budget for a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, and paid online adverts.
  • Establish and maintain a clear social media marketing strategy and make the people talk about you.
  • Embed your social media’s latest news and status into your website.
  • Update your online messages, parallel to your offline marketing activities.
  • Measure all your marketing activities. If they are not measurable, they are not controllable. In other words, if a goal is not measurable, it is not possible to know whether you are making progress toward successful completion or falling into a crisis.
  • Apply ‘Pareto’s principle’ which states that for many phenomena, 80% of the consequences stem from the 20% of the causes.  It is also known as the 80-20 rule as 20% of your business’ online expenses are doing 80% of your revenue likewise 20% of your work time spent creating 80% of your value to your business.

Social Media Strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Lets start from the mere definition of friend. I like the simple and straightforward definition provided by A friend is “a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.”

So, that’s my point. I am looking for helping you to design a social network strategy focused on creating a valuable menu of alternatives that will match your brand with your target market’s interest. Reciprocally, your efforts will contribute with your social media marketing strategy by providing engaging  information about your business and pleasing your readers,friends or followers in your social media sites.

How find friends &  followers  in Social Media.

I would always start from researching. In this case a social media monitoring program will help to listen and gain relevant insights related to:

    • your brand, products or service,
    • your competitors
    • the important hot topics that are generating trends in your industry.


Get closer; listen to what they want to say! Getting an authentic friend in social media is not about buying their attention and then let them go. That’s why; the best social media marketing strategy you can get is the one capable of building a mutually beneficial relationship between your target audience and your brand.

Then, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start the older and stronger your relationship with your friends will be. However, if you are not ready yet and still don’t have a clear social media strategy, stay the away from social media!

Be smart and patient and always plan ahead and re-think before you sink.  Otherwise you could damage your brand, which is the biggest asset of your company. Be careful!

Conversely, engaging your target audience with your brand and business objectives, your changes, progresses, innovations and awards, will keep them updated and they will follow you closer and closer until they become even more than loyal, as genuine fans.

You soon will identify some of your fans as they will talk about you proudly in their own social spaces as they were your business partner or investors.

Once your social media marketing strategy is created, you should keep monitoring your website and social media platform frequently. Keep writing and generate a fresh content, linked with your social media. Don’t abandon your fans and keep frequent social interactions with them.

Social Networking

Finally and to conclude my quick advice, please forget the wrong idea of being a fan collector those who are bragging about their number of likes, fans, and friends. Most of them could be fake friends bought by pennies, from the wrong target market and will likely scare their target audience away. So before joining the wild social media, please plan ahead a coherent content and interaction strategy in line with you, your brand and/or your reputation.



International Marketing


International Marketing Strategies

I often meet clients interested to develop a presence in several foreign markets and to go global. It is a wonderful idea to start expanding globally, particularly when the right use of Internet and/or information technologies make this far easier than ever before.

Going global could sound exciting but it is indeed an amazing idea. Globalising your business could bring you a faster growth, access to more affordable and cheap raw materials, a vastly bigger demand as accessing to bigger markets, to diversify your industry, and to refrain from putting all your eggs in the same basket.

Conversely, they are many risks to take and measure before embarking on new territory. The fist thing I always say to my client is ‘ never assume’.


Every territory has a specific culture, between your own culture and another culture there are gaps and every culture their own ‘dimensions’, that frame the deep understanding of their customs, tacit rules, manners and methods as well as some others like:

  • The equality of individuals, which is expresses by the attitude of members of that culture towards these inequalities.
  • Individualism, which is described as the people´s self-image definition in terms of “I” or “We”; and many other facts that will draw a more clear idea and help you better tailor your concept for the aimed market.
  • The uncertainty avoidance expressed by the degree to which the members of a society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • The long-term orientation, interpreted as dealing with society’s search for virtue.


There are also a few more risks to take before deciding going global. To name just a few of the normal situations you can face are:

    • Increasing of your starting costs,
    • Meeting foreign regulations and standards,
    • Dealing with ineffective methods of payment and currency fluctuation,
    • Failing to understand the market norms and customs,


Marketing Strategy

Finally, I would suggest that before penetrating a foreign market, bear in mind that your domestic marketing strategies would need to be partially or completely re-adjusted with some of the following actions:

  • Developing a new brand image,
  • Merging local brands,
  • Applying high level of execution management,
  • Undertaking a comprehensive HR plan adjusted to the country law and customs,
  • Matching your communicational strategies with the target country background,
  • Training your relocated personnel to approach the local people accordingly.