June 27, 2016 Ivan Reyes

Twitter for Business

How Could you be Using Twitter Better?

Almost every contemporary business is aware of why they should be using social media. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus provide even the most budget squeezed businesses with the opportunity to reach thousands, if not millions of new customers.

The only problem? Many events industry professionals especially, still aren’t using platforms such as Twitter to their full potential.

In part, the above is due to a certain ‘posting is enough mentality.’ A mindset where businesses believe that simply posting to Twitter is enough to acquire and maintain a high number of followers. Rarely, however, are such followers funneled into becoming qualifying new sales leads and conversions.

Tips for Twitter by Ivan Reyes - Bournemouth

Why Twitter is Brilliant for Events

The good news is that it’s easy to start using Twitter more effectively. Twitter, after all, is all about events. Even better, people love being part of the buzz surrounding everything from a new product launch to the next big celebrity wedding.

The key is to use Twitter to search out people most likely to be interested in your next event. If you can find users who have recently attended an event similar to yours, reach out to them and let them and promote yours.

Create a real buzz by Recruiting new Talent on Twitter

Another great way to use Twitter is to directly reach out to other industry professionals. Whether scouting for new talent or advertising new positions vacant, Twitter can put you in touch with the talent you need; this and help raise phenomenal awareness in regard to the events which you’re currently working on.

That said, where Twitter really holds its own is where market research is concerned. By their very nature, Tweets are all about celebrating what’s hot and what’s not at any one moment. This being the case, your company can use Twitter to keep an eye on emerging industry trends. At the same time, you can use Twitter to directly ask your followers for their opinions on new product and service ideas.

Marketing & Managing your Event

Of course, if you are in the events industry, your primary focus should always be on using Twitter to promote whatever project you’re currently working on. Moreover, Twitter’s own advertising program helps businesses do this by targeting specific Twitter users in specific geographic areas.

However, Twitter isn’t just great for targeted promotions. Rather, because increasing amounts of people now use Twitter to directly reach out to businesses, you also use Twitter to directly manage customer inquiries, complaints, and suggestions.

Taking your next Event to the Press

Are you hosting or helping organise the event of the year in your area? If so, you will already know that any serious marketing initiative needs to go hand in hand with some serious press interest. However, thanks to Twitter, you don’t need to simply hope that your next press release gets picked up by local journalists and bloggers. Instead, you can use Twitter to take your event details, marketing, and branding directly to such people.

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