April 29, 2014 Ivan Reyes

How To Write a Blog?

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First of all, defining your target audience is essential. That allows you to know to whom you will write to. Once you have your target audience clear, focus on it by searching the best way to reach the majority of individuals from that particular group.

For example, if you are trying to write your personal review about a particular car you should be present in the most popular motor-trade forums, online motor magazines, motor fan clubs or related social media, linking your blog to other related sites, etc.

However, if the vehicle is, for example, a seven seater family car, you should also have to forward your message to family forums, parental-advice websites, family related blogs, parents’ recommendations, and so on.


In order to communicate what you want to say, make it simple! A message has to be written thinking in your target audience and make it:

  • Interesting and engaging,
  • Simple (avoid using technical jargons or complicated words),
  • Memorable,
  • Challenging: Ask questions, make your target think,
  • Creative,
  • Not at all ponderous or pompous,
  • Consistent: the same message across all media.


If you want more suggestions, take these recommendations as a rough idea of how to get across your message online:

  • Make an easy-to-remember title,
  • Use simple words (avoid or explain technical words),
  • Use illustrations, charts, and graphics,
  • Create catchy stories,
  • Use light colours and easy-reading font styles,
  • Bear in mind the (Ux) User Experience (the way your web-visitors will navigate through your site),
  • Let your readers comment on your message,
  • Produce a short video clip about your message,
  • Use all media possible.
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