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Social Media Strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Lets start from the mere definition of friend. I like the simple and straightforward definition provided by thefreedictionary.com: A friend is “a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.”

So, that’s my point. I am looking for helping you to design a social network strategy focused on creating a valuable menu of alternatives that will match your brand with your target market’s interest. Reciprocally, your efforts will contribute with your social media marketing strategy by providing engaging  information about your business and pleasing your readers,friends or followers in your social media sites.

How find friends &  followers  in Social Media.

I would always start from researching. In this case a social media monitoring program will help to listen and gain relevant insights related to:

    • your brand, products or service,
    • your competitors
    • the important hot topics that are generating trends in your industry.


Get closer; listen to what they want to say! Getting an authentic friend in social media is not about buying their attention and then let them go. That’s why; the best social media marketing strategy you can get is the one capable of building a mutually beneficial relationship between your target audience and your brand.

Then, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start the older and stronger your relationship with your friends will be. However, if you are not ready yet and still don’t have a clear social media strategy, stay the away from social media!

Be smart and patient and always plan ahead and re-think before you sink.  Otherwise you could damage your brand, which is the biggest asset of your company. Be careful!

Conversely, engaging your target audience with your brand and business objectives, your changes, progresses, innovations and awards, will keep them updated and they will follow you closer and closer until they become even more than loyal, as genuine fans.

You soon will identify some of your fans as they will talk about you proudly in their own social spaces as they were your business partner or investors.

Once your social media marketing strategy is created, you should keep monitoring your website and social media platform frequently. Keep writing and generate a fresh content, linked with your social media. Don’t abandon your fans and keep frequent social interactions with them.

Social Networking

Finally and to conclude my quick advice, please forget the wrong idea of being a fan collector those who are bragging about their number of likes, fans, and friends. Most of them could be fake friends bought by pennies, from the wrong target market and will likely scare their target audience away. So before joining the wild social media, please plan ahead a coherent content and interaction strategy in line with you, your brand and/or your reputation.



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