April 29, 2014 Ivan Reyes

How to Rank First on the Search Engines Result Page?

Sites – Website Checker

Unless you or your organisation’s website is among the top of search engine results, no one will know your page exists. Therefore, your idea, products and brand will become invisible for your target market. It is important to comply with this ‘Website Checker’ to succeed in the basic optimisation of your sites.

Best Websites – Basic Requirements

If you want to comply with all the minimum SEO requirements to have one of the best Websites in your industry, I recommend that you:

  • Define clearly your business mission and vision.
  • Research your target market. Who is or could be interested in your product, service or idea, either demographically or geographically.
  • Create a high standard public image related to your business objectives, your product and target market.
  • Be consistent; don’t use different logos, colours, names, domains, slogans, images or copywriting style. You must keep only one public face throughout your whole use of the media.
  • Become findable and attractive for the search engines through the organic way, also called SEOSearch Engine Optimisation. Plan a budget for a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, and paid online adverts.
  • Establish and maintain a clear social media marketing strategy and make the people talk about you.
  • Embed your social media’s latest news and status into your website.
  • Update your online messages, parallel to your offline marketing activities.
  • Measure all your marketing activities. If they are not measurable, they are not controllable. In other words, if a goal is not measurable, it is not possible to know whether you are making progress toward successful completion or falling into a crisis.
  • Apply ‘Pareto’s principle’ which states that for many phenomena, 80% of the consequences stem from the 20% of the causes.  It is also known as the 80-20 rule as 20% of your business’ online expenses are doing 80% of your revenue likewise 20% of your work time spent creating 80% of your value to your business.
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