June 4, 2014 Ivan Reyes

YouTube| Is it really important?

The second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube is transforming the way the world consumes news and information and the most successful companies are discovering how to use it to great effect and reach potential customers.

YouTube is  the second largest search engine and the fastest growing video sharing website in the world. It processes 3 billion searches a month and is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. These statistics demonstrate the power and influence that YouTube has to reach a large a varied audience; however, what other benefits does YouTube have?

Why YouTube?

  • Low cost – it’s completely free to host your corporate videos on YouTube.
  • Searchable –  as the second largest search engine in the world YouTube is the best place to host your. videos. Just make sure to title and tag them correctly so they are more visible to searches.
  • Increase brand awareness and maintain loyalty – telling the story of your organisation through video is a great way of communicating your brand values and connecting directly with potential and existing customers.
  • Informing – rather than just using advertising, videos can be used to engage with your customers in other ways. For example on exhibiting the benefits of hiring a venue for conferences, how spacious the facilities are, the level of service provided, the venue location and surrounding areas are a great way of engaging with your customers on a deeper level.
  • Thought leaders – if you want to position your company as thought leaders in your industry then sharing videos on presentations, panel discussions, conferences and brain-storming sessions are a great way of securing that position.
  • Conversion – videos are a good way of converting a casual video viewer into a client. Use the video description text to link to a specific page on your company’s website and extend the customer journey.
  • Measureable – free and easy to use, YouTube’s analytic tools show the number of views, demographics and the trail.
  • Feedback – use the videos to get real-time feedback. Whether you share videos about your products, services or the company culture you have opened the discussion and your customers will tell you what they think. Open dialogue is a good way of building trust whilst helping you to make positive changes look after your customers and build your business.

All in all, YouTube is not only the second largest search engine on earth, it is also the most popular video-sharing website and a very powerful and popular  social media website.

YouTube  can help you to  meet targeted audience that you might not meet anywhere else.

By using YouTube to promote organic traffic to your website, you will have the chance to approach your market and listen what  they have to say  on the comments section.

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