April 29, 2014 Ivan Reyes

Customer Service & CRM

CRM, an effective way of getting closer.

This time I won’t talk to you about social media and its effectiveness to get closer to your target market; this time, I will suggest an older but far more holistic approach that will feed you with a better understanding of your target market and entail all aspects of interaction with customers.

I would suggest having or using; if you already have it; a CRMCustomer Relationship Management – system.

CRM, not only describe a business-customer relationship, it is also a magnificent way to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads.

Advantages of having an updated CRM in place

By having one fully updated CRM, you will be able to know the:

  • Status, purchasing figures and frequency of your existing customers.
  • Effectiveness of your existing suppliers
  • Right time to apply Pareto’s principle; if applicable.

Customer relationship management can be synthetised easily by applications, software, mobile applications and solutions. This are capable of providing you with the ability to build an efficient customer business data, that will help you to improve the way of providing services or products that your customers want. It will deliver better customer service, cross-selling and up selling more effectively, closing deals, retaining existing customers and understanding better who your customers are.

So, keep you friends close, but your customers closer!

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