January 8, 2016 Ivan Reyes

2016 Content Strategy

How to plan a content marketing strategy for 2016?

I’ve narrowed down the direction content marketers should take when planning their 2016 content strategy in only three words: Design, Trends and Interaction.

Content design:

Mobile-friendly Content 2016 - Ivan Reyes SEO Bournemouth

Mobile-friendly website 

Responsive & mobile-friendly content is a primordial objective you should bear in mind when designing your content strategy. Your content should be findable, usable for users and responsive to all the mobile technology available in the market.


The content design should be focussed in the content organisation, categorisation and patterns to ensure it being fast, clean and concise. It is essential to maintain an optimum experience everywhere and answer questions quickly to your Internet visitors without make them feel trapped in a useless labyrinth of endless clicks or forcing registration forms.


Content Trends:

Your content should answer questions in the air. Being trendy is not luxury; it is what will make your content to meet your dynamic and variable on-line audience. It is pointless to produce content that’s not being read by those who represent your market.

By knowing the content trends in 2016, what the people is talking about, what is new out there, you will know where to focus your efforts and be the first in answering those queries. There is a myriad of content readers desperate for quick, relevant and clear answers every single second. They need to know what is going on around them, understand the breaking news, the new products, the latest changes that affect their life; and they don’t have much time to waste.


In 2016 Internet readers are looking for taking the two-way conversation advantage digital content has instead of searching in printed content, billboards or television. Therefore, integrating your content strategy with your social media platform is extremely necessary and will be increasingly demanded by Internet readers and buyers this year.

About the Author

Ivan Reyes Ivan Reyes is an expert search engine optimiser, content marketing specialist and recognised editor. Ivan counts with a diverse experience of +22 years in classic and digital marketing within the most multi-cultural and dynamic scenarios either in UK or abroad.