April 29, 2014 Ivan Reyes

Differenciation Strategy

Market Segmentation


You can compete in every market, even if there are big players; with a massive positioning, unbeatable offers, and resources surrounding you. However, it is important to be different than the rest of your competitors.

I am here to provide you with an idea of how you can become unique and achieve your target market. My first recommendation would be market research.

In this case, I recommend researching what your target market aspires to. It is very important to know clearly which are their affinities, their values, aspirations, and social interests. Afterwards, a deep analysis about your brand positioning and a list of your advantages against your competitors should be made.

From that moment, you can start drawing an emotional bond by matching your brand values with the target market’s unsatisfied expectations. Some of these values could be the:

• environment,
• social responsiveness,
• exclusivity,
• career ambition,
• location,
• security,
• family orientation,
• style – and more.

User Experience

 Also, by providing a unique customer experience you can differentiate yourself from another similar products and services available in the same market. Good examples of beating your competitors are:

• speed,
• liability,
• commitment,
• easiness,
• response,
• and availability.

Customer Service

The key metric to gauge success with your differentiation strategy depends on your ability to meet and overpass all your users’ expectations and your user’s ability to talk boastfully about the superb experience.

Don’t forget that differentiation is only possible if you are sure to make your brand more attractive, by contrasting your unique qualities with other competitors and make a clear message of your advantages.

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