Ivan began his professional career operating the executing of field visual merchandising techniques for leading companies in the FMCG industry in 1995. Since then He has had the opportunity to demonstrate and apply his academic and professional knowledge in many relevant areas within the marketing mix for blue chip global enterprises in many different markets across the world.

By being good at managing relationships with partners and suppliers;  being organised, extremely creative, and constantly calibrating his good attention to detail to the highest level, Ivan has constantly escalated to higher positions and achieved greater challenges.

Ivan Reyes always counted on his flexible approach achieving win-to-win negotiations and managing leading brands in the International market. By liaising with sales-forces, distribution channels representatives, and business owners, Ivan had to create, propose and deal with ad-hoc promotions, Volume-level pricing and pricing mix strategies across local and foreign markets. He obtained the necessary holistic expertise to assess, plan and suggest profitable recommendations in time.

Ivan has a proven experience in:

agencies, service providers, content providers, and media partners.

Ivan experience involves:

  • Delivering budget vs. actual sales reports YOY & MOM.
  • Negotiating volume discounts, field merchandising activities and seasonal promotions with distributors.
  • Evaluating and implementing brand marketing plans for all key activities throughout the year.
  • Presenting objectives’ achievement, milestones and metrics of all measured activities.
  • Leading and managing the implementation of agreed projects within the annual calendar.
  • Ensuring all his duties were delivered on time and within budget.
  • Training, monitoring and working effectively with the company’s or the distributor’s sale forces.
  • Designing and applying the standard for all the project reports.
  • Liaising closely with internal and external clients.
  • Maintaining action, risk, issue logs and other project documentation as required.
  • Managing issues arising from the pilot tests and resolved them or escalate them in due time.
  • Engaging internal customers involved in the marketing projects by using different mediums such as social media, web-videos, text, and podcasts.
  • Working closely in the development of new websites to ensure on-site optimisation in place.
  • Managing updates to website content, in line with website content plan.
  • Setting up and maintaining all campaign pages and web forms, including customer lead and booking forms.
  • Driving SEO, through content, structure, link building and tagging.
  • Defining keywords and key partners for links.
  • Setting up, managing and optimising PPC, retargeting, behavioral and other online advertising campaigns.
  • Managing the marketing budget for the team’s activity, ensuring this delivers the required results and ROI.
  • Agreeing online marketing goals with brand managers and head of digital marketing.
  • Monitoring results closely against targets.
  • Identifying the key target audiences,
  • Understanding audience size, demographics, and the product proposition.
  • Ensuring that brand team strategies translate into clear activity the client’s marketing staff.
  • Ensuring strong communication with brand team at all times.
  • Providing regular reporting of activity and KPI performance vs. target.
  • Developing plans to optimise and remediate situations as needed.
  • Providing coaching and training to the client’s staff.
  • Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness improve performance and enable learning and development.
  • Executing  testing, collecting and analysing data, identifying trends and insights to reach the better ROI.
  • Tracking, reporting, and interpreting SEO stats.
  • Managing campaign expenses, staying on budget, estimating monthly costs and reconciling discrepancies.
  • Optimising copy and landing pages for search engine marketing.
  • Performing ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimisation.
  • Researching and implementing search engine optimisation recommendations.
  • Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to optimise or amend potential issues.
  • Researching, crawling and analysing potential risks and http errors resources.
  • Developing, disavowing  and implementing a  link building strategy.
  • Working with the development and the IT team to ensure SEO best practices are implemented.
  • Working with editorial and marketing team to drive SEO in content creation and content programming.
  • Recommending changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO.